Service Providers share 60 GHz field results

Aeronet, NextLink, Rapier Systems and YTL share their 60 GHz cnWave field results in this press release.
NextLink cnWave Speed Test results July 2020

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How far apart are those teams? is the area of ​​heavy rain? I live in a coastal area and I want to make a ptp link with the 60ghz but at a distance of 3.5 km with moderate to intense rains

Cambium doesn’t offer a 3.5km capable 60Ghz radio that will have reasonable uptime on a coastal area. It’s just way to far for channels 1-4 to reach.

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I see this is 2 months old topic ô there’s hardly any vendor with 3.5km 60GHz product. The only one I know about is Ubiquity 60LR (long range) product, that is reported to work at 4-6km [!!] without interruption in pretty heavy rain [!!!]. With nice weather, people are hitting 25km distances which is just unbelievable for the price.

Yes, part of that success must be attributed to ability to use 69.12GHz frequency, Channel 6. But the thing is - can you name any other product in the world that can REALISTICALLY do 25km ? Does it cost $300 per radio ?

Yes, it might be simple stupid bridge without any advanced functionality. If you just need to move data from one side to the other side, that’s what it does. For that cost, nobody can complain. It’s a technological miracle, seriously.

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