Set ACL Any Any rule with Profiles


I'm trying to create a profile from scratch rather than configure the E500 first.  I'm trying to set an ACL rule that would not allow guest on VLAN2 to see VLAN1.  When I try to add a new ACL rule for "Permit any IP Any Any" I get an error that "Any" has to be a valid IP number.  Please see attachments.  Is there a way around this?


if you are managing the device from cnMaestro cloud version 1.3.0-r8, we can see this issue. The issue has been fixed in upcoming release scheduled on next week.

Until that we can mage using advanced configuration option (use cli commands), please see the attached screen shot. This shall address your issue. Please let us know if you face the issue still.

Thanks Channareddy, will do the ACL manually in the device gui and will create a profile later with all user defined overrides.