Set the device location using a map

Under configuration, when I click on "Set the device location using a map" I enter the address of the location in the "Search Address" bar. It does not find 911 addresses (it searches "N Road", not even in the same country). Addresses in town with a street name, it will just pull up the street, not the exact house (sometimes, not with all streets. I just tried an address on N Washington Blvd, and it took me to the ocean searching for New Washington, not even near the United States). I use the cloud version of cnMaestro Version 1.6.1-r9

Yeah we are aware of this, some of the search rsult is not as good as Google maps as in the latest version of cloud we moved our maps to openstreets.

We are working on this improvements/feedback for the map feature in the next version.


Another problem with OpenStreetMap in cnMaestro and trying to use it to place subscribers on the map is the lack of sattelite imagery.  We have may subscribers who's address doesn't search correctly and there is no way to find them on the street-only map.  These are rural subscribers on private dirt roads primarily.

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YES! Please please please fix the maps! It's pretty much unusable in it's current state!

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By now we search the address in google maps.

On the address bar you can see the coordinates to paste inside the configuration page of the device in cnmaestro

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Another issue, it will not let me add a (-) negative number into the Latitude and Longitude. My AP is in the US and my SM is in China.

It is too time consuming to enter the address or GPS coordinates in Google Maps, then try to find it on the Open Streets map, especially since it doesn't have a satellite view so I can click on the correct house.

Could you please share more details about the issue, where you are unable to enter negative number into the Latitude and Longitude fields. We tried in both 1.6.1 Cloud and On-Premises version and it seems to be working okay. 




I entered GPS coordinates for 4 customers yesterday. On 2 of them it wouldn't let me put a (-) negative number in the Longitude. I thought maybe I had accidentally not typed in the (-) but when I tried to add it after I had already clicked on Apply Configuration, it would not let me enter the (-) before the 95. I changed it on the radio, then rebooted the radio before it would actually change in cnMaestro.

I entered the GPS coordinates on a customer this morning and it worked just fine. Maybe it was just a fluke thing yesterday. I will let you know if the problem reoccurs.

Not sure its any help, but We use Sonar as our CSR and Tower Coverage, Both make you find the location on a map, which is always great to verify anyway, maps and gps units are never the most accurate with street addresses. From there it populates our GPS cords automatically and we can easily copy and paste or manually type into the Radios during On-Boarding. We also put the GPS on our work orders so the installer knows EXACTLY where to go.