Setting a Static I.P. in E410's

Hi all.
Quick question I have a site that currently has E410’s & E430’s that I need to set a static I.P. address for ( on the same subnet ) BUT when I do the AP goes out of sync in cnMaestro despite the fact that the static I.P. address that I have set the AP’s for is the I.P. provided by the “original DHCP Server”

Is there a way to have AP’s ( in particular E410’s, E430 & XV2-2’s) with a static I.P. address and still have them " In Sync " ?.

Thanks in advance.

When you modify your configuration, it will differs from the one on cnmaestro, so it became “out of sync”.
“out of sync” means configuration changes outside cnmaestro.
You can setup your fixed ip address in cnmaestro → select your ap → configuration → adcanced → cnmaestro Vlan → ipv4 address override → static

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