Setting correct time on E410

Hi! I have a mesh connection with 2 E410 and I think the time on my connection isn’t true. How can I set that?

Please check the NTP and timezone settings in both the devices are mapped. Time settings are accessible on the AP  from Configure>>System> Time settings.   

If the configuration is pushed from cnMaestro, same is accessible from Wi-Fi AP groups>Configuraion>Management>Time settings. 

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i ap is managed from cnMaestro, ap will sync it's time with cnMaestro if no NTP server is configured on device. always configure correct time zone. 

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Hi! I did what you told me to but now both E410 are OFFLINE. What should I do?


adding just time zone will never make ap to be offline. the new configuration push might be having some invalid configuration causing ip connetivity lost to cnMaestro.

here are the trouble shooting steps,

1. log into root ap

2. check network connectivity to cnMaestro using ping 

3. if cnMaestro is not rechable, chech ip connectivity to default gateway 

if still issue, share AP configuration and also AP group profile with WLAN profile. We can help what went wrong with the configuration push

I decided to delete both AP on Network an Claim them again. Now they are Onboard, but I can't see/manage them under Wi-Fi AP Groups. Can you help me?

if you are managing aps from cloud, please invite me with the email channareddy.ireddy with the below steps,

Application-> Users-> Invite Cambium Support with Administrator role

Already invited.

looking it

how can we communicate privately, do you Team Viewer, i have Team Viewer version 14. If you have please share 

TV ID and password for remote login 

I am at work and I don't have TV here, sorry. Can't you explain what can I do?

now aps are online,  reviewed mesh base and client wlan profile and ap group file, do not find any issue. configuration is psuhed now, aps online from last 7 minutes

E410-ALMIR is now part of MESH Base and 

E410-ALMIR2 is now part of Mesh Client 

Thank you so much. But before I mess it up I could see both under Default Enterprise also. Why can't I see them now? Is is possible to see them there?

let me explain how aps are managed in cnMaestro. there 2 ways we can manage aps,

method#1 manage aps under sites, sites are grouped under network 

    Network --- Site -- Wi-Fi APs, it can be like 

    building x -> floor 1 --> Group of APs

method 1 is like APs grouped based on deployment location, since you not created any site and network APs under default network called default. You can try creating Network say New York and Site called Subway Shop and moves APs under site. 

method# 2 manage aps based on ap group 

in your case one 1 ap group with the name Mesh Base and other AP with the group Mesh client 

so you see 2 different aps under 2 different groups 

earlier, when APs on boarded to controller you puhsed default ap group, which doesn't have MESH connection, that is why you lost both the aps from the cnMaestro 

method#2 is grouping aps based on configuration

now we pushed right ap group so that you can see them online 

  hope explanation is clear 

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Thank you!

And now, if I need to change anything on both units, for example, updating software, how I did it?

follow attached screen shot, for upgrade procedure, you can contact Cambium Support team if any more help is needed

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Thank you!