Setting the IP Address for the PMP450 AP using CLI.

(Note that Telnet (CLI) commands are not officially supported in PMP 450, and this method should only be used when no other methods (such as via cnMaestro, the web GUI, or via SNMP) are possible)

Let’s say our IP is and we need it to be

Telnet to the radio with credentials and enter the command ‘’IP’’ to get the existing IP configuration:

Telnet+> ip

OUTPUT: IP (1) addr: IP (2) addr:


The IP (1) is the LAN 1 IP Address and the IP (2) is the LAN 2 IP Address (Used to communicate with SMs: LUID).

So we see that the IP we want to change is # 1. Enter the command ip -1 (LAN interface number) x.x.x.x (IP Address) 

The command execution and Output will look like this:

Telnet+> ip -1 (Sets the IP Address on LAN 1)

OUTPUT: ...Updating Flash... IP (1) addr: IP (2) addr: ++++ System Reset Required ++++


Telnet+> netmask -1 (Sets the subnet mask on IP 1)

OUTPUT: ...Updating Flash... Subnet Mask (1) addr: Subnet Mask (2) addr: ++++ System Reset Required ++++


Telnet+> netgateway (Sets the default gateway)

OUTPUT: ...Updating Flash... Default Network Gateway IP addr:


Telnet+> reset (This reboots the Cambium unit)

Regards, Sanjay Kumar.

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