Setting up ePMP devices for use with PRTG

  1. On PRTG Network Monitor, add an ePMP radio under the Devices tab. Please make sure to add it under the correct group with the correct SNMP read/write string. You can test newly added ePMP device by creating a Ping Sensor.

  2. On Paessler MIB Importer (for example V3.4.8 alpha), chose Import MIB File under the File menu. Browse and select the ePMP MIB file downloaded from ePMP website for 1.3.4 version.

  3. Once the MIB file populates with all OIDs, chose Save for PRTG Network Monitor under the File menu and chose a name (e.g “ePMP” ) and save under the default snmplibs directory of PRTG.

  4. Back on the PRTG Network Monitor, right-click on the previously added ePMP radio and choose Add Sensor.

  5. Next on the Add Sensors screen, please click on SNMP under the “Technology Used” section. This will give you SNMP options at the bottom.  Please click on SNMP Library.  From a pop-up menu, please chose the library file saved earlier (e.g. ePMP.oidlib ) and press Ok.

  6. Now, back to Sensor Settings is where you can choose all or required OIDs/statistics then press Continue.

  7. It may take a few seconds to populate current values of selected OIDs depending upon the connection to the Device.

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