settings? Issues? 900MHz APs w nearly 100 subscribers

I’m curious. Is anyone running any 900MHz APs with around 100 subscribers? Are you seeing any bandwidth issues? What kind of speeds are other ISPs setting their 900 customers to? I know Motorola says this AP is capable of this many subscribers but I’ve yet to hear what kind of speeds they are set at and what one should be able to expect as far as performance.

Are there any ISPs out there with that many subs per 900MHz AP?

Hello, I have one AP with about 80 on it. I have been monitoring it with PRTG for about a year. I have never witnessed it pulling over 3.5mb total (that is somewhere close to the limit, I think. Is it 3 or 4mb?)

I have majority of subs on it at 256kbps, with 1mb of bursting. Very few complaints, but most of these folks were used to dial-up. I tell them to not expect streaming video to work w/o some buffering.

It really depends on your customer base… if they’re happy with “faster than dialup” then sure you could probably oversubscribe a 4 Mbps AP to 100 customers. However if your AP is, say, just outside a major city, that bandwidth goes fast. I heard that a competitor of ours has 100 subs on a 900 MHz omni. Not many happy people there. Although we have an AP right now that is plugged right up at about 45 subs thanks to a recent fascination with Netflix, so really there is no way to tell without taking a long hard look at the types of customers you have.

Yah, nobody here knows about Netflix (yet).

Oh well, I am going to put up 3 more sectors anyway come Spring.