Setup DHCP for cnMatrix EX2028-P for beginner

Hi team.
Maybe i questions here bit ugly cos i don’t have much knowledge about Network . Please don’t mind.

  • I have 1 router Draytek 3910 . What do i want is turn off DHCP from this router and move it to EX2028P.
  • I have 1 Core Switch EX2028P. I want setup DHCP server in this Switch with 2 VLAN
    192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x

What i have tried

  • Turn off DHCP on router
  • Setup DHCP with VLAN 192.168.1.x & 192.168.2.x on switch
  • Switch can assign IP for my devices.
  • But switch can’t communicate w/ router ( mean i can’t access internet at all ).

What i know and guess is

  • I need setup static IP from switch matched w/ router . For example Router will use and switch setup static IP
    ( But how to do - i don’t know yet ).

And if switch have 2 VLAN 192.168.1.x & 192.168.2.x than how can it routing to router w/ ;

Any guide really respected .

Thank you,
Viet VU

You have to setup routing between your VLAN 192.168.1.x, VLAN 192.168.2.x and 192.168.0.x
And Default Gateway have to be (your Draytek).

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