Setup Help Needed

I have a strange connection that I need a little help on setup. I have attached a pic of the setup on how I currently have it. I have 4 buildings total that I need to connect together. I have the ap at the location that the other buildings can best see the ap. My issue is I have the ap not on the building with the dns and dhcp server behind it. I can manually enter the ip addresses on the workstations and I can connect to the server but the workstations at the locations will not get a ip address from the dhcp server. The workstations at all locations will work if I manually config thier ip scheme but dchp will not go across the links. Dchp does work as I have tested it at the building with the server. I have the ap set as a access point and have sm traffic isolation disabled.  I have it setup in ap mode with 3 clients Thoughts on how I should set this up?  The internet gateway which is time warner is at the location of the ap but the server which is dhcp and dns is at another building the setup has to be like this because they want the server in this building and not the one with the internet router. I can not make the ap the location of the server because the building on the left will not see it. I am using all epmp force 180's and each location. The signal are all great and the throughput test to each loaciton are fantastic. Everthing is line of sight if I have the ap where it currently is. Thoughts ?


Set "DHCP Server Below SM" to Eanbled on the SM at the server location.