SFP+ Distro/Collapsed Core Switch?

I remember there was a thread on here somewhere but (cannot find it for the life of me), with some soft confirms on this potential product line.

Are Cambium still potentially looking at producing an all SFP+ line of switches for the enterprise ? Would much much much prefer doing policy and vlan/routing automation via cnMaestro than doing all the automation via ugly ansible and python scripts/playbooks that we are currently are doing with vendors such as Dell,HP,Netgear.

It seems like we’re missing a piece of the puzzle as you’re supplying automatable access switches and ap’s but their fiber termination points need to be handed off to a different vendor and configuration/management engine.

Bonus points if you can make it half width style like Dell dell s4112f/Netgear M4300-24XF to save rackspace.