SFP entitlement activation error

I’m getting a “Not enough seats remaining on entitlement” error message. How do I resolve?

Hi @Martino_Adams, welcome to the community.

That’s not an error message that I recognise. Which system is giving you that error? Can you show a screenshot?

Sorry, my mistake - I see how this error message can appear on the PTP670 license key page. The entitlements that ship with the SFP kits can only be used to produce a single license key, so you should just enter a single MAC address on the license key form. If you’ve got 2 SFP kits, you can then use the second entitlement to generate the license key for the other MAC address.

Yes, sorry, I realised after I posted. Please just enter a single MAC address (leave the “Unit 2 MAC Address” field blank).

Thank You. So, just do 2 separate license upgrades?

Yes, that’s right :+1:

Thank You Sir. Appreciate the help

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