SFP fiber module installation problem

I'm at a loss to find the way that the ODU acknowledges and enables the optional SFP fiber module. The packing list in the SFP shipping box states that a "License Key - Document" is included in the kit. However I cannot find that explicit document. The kit included the Packing list, an SFP module, the long cable gland and a short installation guide which I thought may contain the mentioned "License Key" but I cannot for the life of me find it in teh installation manual, nor recognize it on the box labelling, etc.. Could you please tell me where it is and, hopefully, show me an example of what it looks like ?

I've tried just plugging in the SFP module but there is no acknowledgement from the ODU that it exists.

I've attached photographs of the kit contents for reference .. truthfully they are attached out of desperation :-)

All help appreciated,


Hi Peter,

I've sent you a private message with the entitlement that appears to be missing.  Sorry that you have experienced this delay.  Our support team support@cambiumnetworks.com can help with these issues and are available 24/7.



Brilliant !! Thank you very much Bruce, you've made my day :-)