SFP+ Transceiver

I have 2 CnMatrix switches (EX2082-P and EX2052-P) that I want to connect to 10G via an SFÜP+ module. I have the following module:

With these modules, an LED flashes orange on both switches. On the switch that is connected to the Internet, the blue LED for the CNMaestro connection goes out after a short time and only flashes. I no longer have access to this switch. If I pull the modules off again, then it works again.

Any other port connected to the nwetwork ?
Look like disconnected becase same network detected on 2 ports :slight_smile:


no, there is only the SFP+ Modul to connect to the network(Router,Inernet) If i thake a SFP Modul with 1GB it works(The LED is flashing green).

Please check with other vendor SFP+ transciever
Sometimes in Cambium I had trouble with some types of the SFP/SFP+ transcievers.
In some cases I use only oryginal.


found the problem. Yesterday wasn’t my day. The SFP+ modules are multimode. Of course I used a single mode patch cable. Of course that doesn’t work