SFPs on Tower Radios

Is Mimosa the only vendor not guilty of engineering and then releasing a tower radio without SFP interfaces? Seriously, what's wrong with you guys? This is gross negligence.

The PTP650 and 820's have SFP ports at the radio. Are you needing/wanting SFP for the PMP/ePMP products?

SFPs should be available for ALL tower based radios.

Are you having issues with copper based ports on Cambium products? We use a lot of different radios on tower sites, even ones where's there's high power FM radio transmitters. I can think of a lot of things that I'd rather have engineers work on or that I would pay more money for other then an SFP port.

I don’t have many issues with them, no, but they wouldn’t be an issue at all with SFP interfaces on the radios.

Many do, however.

Well, maybe post something in  the 'Ideas' section of the forum and get users to upvote your request and see if it gets Cambium's attention.

Already did, just making noise elsewhere.