Put SFPs on all tower-based equipment. That means all PTP products, PMP APs and ePMP GPS radios.

you would rather run power and fiber up a tower?

This is partially implemented by the CMM4.

We put a CRS112-8G-4S-IN in a blank CMM4 and put that up the tower (you will need a SFP for a fully populated CMM4 to do the run from base of tower to CMM).

I want the SFP in the radio, no other intermediary hardware. Actually,. I want two of them and if the radio could possibly exceed a gig of throughput, dual SFP+ cages.

I don't want any copper outside of the radio in the data path. Instead of PoE, I want DC jacks.

@John Ockert: I didn't see your comment until now. Yes.



All new (tower) equipment strongly considers adding support for SFP.  ePMP 3000, PMP 450m, cnRanger, etc. all support SFP modules.  We consider this on every new development moving forward.