Sharing Link Planer file

We have 3 people who use linkplaner is there any way to have a shared file so we can all have work the other people have done?  Even so sync of some type would be good

You couldn't really all work on it at one time, if two people made different changes to the same object it wouldnt reflect.

If you all need access at once for different sites/links then best to maybe split into 3 seperate projects, each one covering a different area of type of product maybe, whatever works. 

Sure we could, not likely the same link but we could both be editing the main network file,  as we are often in and out of the the program alot, no one closes thier instance.  The issue is more that I'd be blocked from saving edits to our main network file if some else also has it open.  If if alows us to both have the file open and can save our up dates at different times that would be fine.

When you open a file in LINKPlanner it is fully loaded into memory. You then work on the in-memory representation of the project until you save. As a result, if you are both saving to the same file location the resulting file will only contain the project from the last save. You will end up overwritting each others work. LINKPlanner does not lock the open file so there is nothing preventing overwrites (and this isn't a feature that we want to add).

LINKPlanner is not designed to have multiple users working on the same file at the same time unfortunately. As Hux mentioned, you need to split the network into multiple files and work on different parts.

You can copy and paste the resulting links into a single file, but you need to be careful when you merge the data to ensure that you keep the correct version of each object.



Thanks,  was thinking merging things as a work around, good to know how the program works with the files.

If you are planning on merging the files then you should be aware that there is a bug in the the current version of LINKPlanner when you copy items. All of the path profiles in the project are also copied, even though they may not be required. This can cause a memory error if you have a very large project file or it can just cause things to run slowly. 

We will fix this in the next release, but if your project contains < 1000 short to mid-length links then it should not cause too many problems.