Shieled Rj45 connectors?

On your canopy deployments do you normaly use these? The mot guy said that since these housings are insulated there is no ground referenc in the radio so any transient voltage will ravel down the - power and wreak nifty havok on the CMM. This makes sense and makes me want to do it. DO you guys actually do it?
is the solder type all there is? I sure dont look forward t trying solder a new end on at 125 feet in the winter.

When I went to the shielded ends it did not play nice with radio. We kept losing connectivity to the radio.

We only use Shielded cable and shielded ends on all our towers. We use Bestronics Shielded cable and ends. You can use standard CAT5 crimpers on these ends even though the site says you have to use their crimper tool. … de=MC-0723


I’ve made intricate posts on this subject in the past.

STP cable and STP ends on everything. Works great.

Take out the STP ends from the STP cable and you’re not using the cable correctly.

I agree ! STP for both cable and ends.


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We got the non solder ends, theyre not any different to use than the regular and only like a nickel more, I did discover you have to crimp them twice because the shield flexes the connector though

we are shielding from the radio to the 600ss, from the inside of the house to the 600ss is utp, any issues?

I wouldn’t think so.

Why are you using STP on a prem install?

because outdoor utp and outdoor stp dont cost much different, the indoor utp is easier to deal with for the inside

I see.

We used to use it on prems but I determined it was not required. Cost of materials was a key factor at the time.

Prices have come down significantly since then though.