Shock SM

Hi Guys,
I have an SM that had a shock, guess how ? it fell to the ground from 6 metres up and had not been coming on.
Has anyone know if we can recover the SM.
Please your solutions are welcomed

Did it by chance have the ethernet cable plugged into it? If it did, I would check the RJ45 port where it solders to the board. I have seen poor solder jobs from the factory fail and cause the module to not power up. Maybe the fall may have done something along those lines?

Hello Mhussey,
Yeah, when it fell the ethernet cable pulled out of the unit leaving the RJ45 connector stucked on the unit, i had to remove it .
I will look at the unit if the board as been damaged but while i was still working on reviving it , bizzarely it is registered on the network while it is not coming on , but uptil now i have not been to access the unit.
I still look forward to your solutions.
Thanks in advance