Shout out for increadible customer servive

Howdy all.

Just want to do a should out to Shashank Tadakamadla (@CAM_TSK) form Cambium for his incredible customer service.

For they who had been following the Mesh challenges that I had posted up in the forums that our company was having with the XV2-2 despite the Cambium Mesh experience our company has we were about to give up and send our stock of XV2-2 back to the supplier when Shashank Tadakamadla come to the rescue.

It turns out that there is a problem with the Au ( Australian ) country code in the Mesh version of the Firmware that now identified by Shashank Tadakamadla will be very quickly fixed Iā€™m sure.

So again a huge thanks to Shashank Tadakamadla for all your incredible help.

Wayne Pryor
Managing Director
Waykat Services Melbourne Australia.