Show channel, channel width, and MAC manufacturer on eDetect

It would be very handy to have eDetect show:

- Center channel of offending radios
- Channel width of offending radios
- MAC/OIU decoding to show the offending radio’s manufacture
- Possibly show if it’s standard 802.11a/b/g/n WiFI, or Airmax, or one of the other proprietary 802.11 based MAC’s.



Those are some nice enhancements that can be done. eDetect shows interferers on channel so you can assume that the interferers are on the same channel as your ePMP radio. MAC/OIU decoding is something we may not be able to include as that will mean we have a massive database (that needs updating) on the radio itself or the radio goes out to the internet to get this information. The rest is something we will have to include as enhancements in a future release.


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Hi. I agree with Eric - mostly every other product that we've used shows the channel in it's ''site survey'' or potential interferrer list.

It would be nice if that list is sortable by signal, and it would be nice if that list was also sortable by frequency.  I'm not too concerned with a -84 that is 100 Mhz away, but I'm more conncered with a -64 that is 40 Mhz away - so a list that shows the channels, the widths and (if possible) that is sortable by RSSI and/or by channel would be very useful.

Thank you.

Yeah we must have this is very difficult to check what really on the band. Spectral scan is not enough.

I've combined my comments and Eric's comments and created an IDEAS request for this.

So - anyone who wants a more detailed 'eDetect' display, please follow that link and Vote / Kudo the idea request. :)