Show interferers channel/signal

Just looking at my 2.4 EPMP AP trying to figure out best channel to work on....

Problem with 2.4 is always the customers router channel. There is no way to tell from the EPMP CPE, as far as I see, what channel their router is on, just the MAC addy of it is shown. Can the interferers channel and signal strength be shown?

Are you talking about eDetect? If yes, then whatever interferers you're seeing are operating on the channel that the ePMP AP or CPE is currently operating on, along with the channel width... and it does show you the signal strength of the interfering AP's. E.G. if your ePMP AP and CPE are using channel 11 @ 20mhz, then eDetect will only show you interferers on channel 11 @ 20mhz.

Are you asking for eDetect to scan all the channels and show you all the interferers? This is a possiblity, but then eDetect would have to take down the whole sector and clients to do full channel and channel width scans, which might take awhile.

Lastly, I find a quick an dirty way to figure out what channel to use initially is by using ACS. Set scan times to as long as possible and run it a few times to get an idea of a good channel to start with. ALSO, with 2.4, it's going to be difficult to use a 20MHz channel width, try moving down to a 10MHz channel width, you might have much better luck squeezing in between the most commonly used channels of 1, 6, 11.

Yes, something similar to Ubiquitis Site Survey tool.