Signal Loss in freezing conditions

We have a PTP11800 with ODU-B (Dual polar) link that is consistently showing signal loss during evening to early monring hours which is consistent with freezing temperatures. I noticed that during these time periods, there is also very slight dips in the TX power level.  

Cambium has acknowledged that they have seen this issue with water seepage in the dish. In my thinking, in order for this to affect the TX power level it would have to be seepage wtihin the waveguide/feedhorn.

Does anyone have any similary experience with this?

Hi Docb,

Water seepage will cause in degrading the Tx power. It would be best to inspect for the water on Cables/Waveguides/Feedhorn. also bad physical connection will also affect for the Tx power.

So checking on the antenna cable connection is also to be considered.

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