Sip Account Registration


i having problem rto register a SIP Account. i use Domain en Proxu server, but i cannot find where to configure  the Domain.


We enter the SIP information as shown below.If your SIP server url is "" then we will enter in following way and save , reboot.

If you need any other information then please share the account information in the email, please reply to my email which i have send you for more details.

Please let us know if your  SIP registration worked or you need any further support to register your SIP user.

Try the examples shared in this post:

The firmware on these units labels things funny (IMHO), what I found was that when registering to Broadsoft (or something that may have a separate sip server and proxy server, then the way to look at the Cambium fields was this:

Proxy Server (Read: SIP Server/domain)

Outbound Server (Read: Outbound Proxy)

I'm really hoping Cambium will update the names to make them fit what I think to be more standard wordings..