siteName property of PMP 450 is ignored when pushing config through configuration templates

Hello everyone

We’re currently facing the issue where we have a PMP 450 SM CBRS with version 20.2 and are pushing a configuration to the device via a configuration template through cnMaestro and every property in the template is updated in the SM except the “siteName” property that’s inside the “location” property. Even the other “location” properties like “siteContact” and the rest get updated, but not “siteName”.

The interesting part here is that if the SM is not approved in the onboarding queue and you set the same configuration template on the device in the onboarding queue before approval, once it’s approved and the configuration update starts then the siteName property is updated. It has been the only scenario where I’ve been able to see the siteName property get properly updated via the configuration template.

Has anyone else been seeing this problem on their end? Any help would be appreciated. We’re running cnMaestro On Premise version 3.0.3 r-32.