Slow cnMaestro cloud usability issue

Over the last year we have noticed that the cnMaestro cloud runs really really slow to the point where our staff want me to switch away from cambium.

I have been trying to explain to them that the information given regarding signal levels of client devices and the ability to change settings easily is good for the helpdesk and tech staff, but those people are saying its so slow its not really usable anyway.

A month ago it was really fast for a few days but now its back to its slow normal.

I know personally its unusable on my samsung note 10 smartphone and all the staff have problems on their samsung s20 phones.

So i happened to be watching it yesterday as I was getting very annoyed trying to change a password for a customer.
We have approx 1500 devices in an AP group with config override variables.
So the process is usually

  • Log In
  • Select Monitor and Manage from the left menu
  • Paste the serial number in the top search box, the dropdown menu shows only one single result, click on that result to open the specific router.
  • The main page of the router status opens in the main frame. The left frame shows the tree System > default > list containing all routers.
  • Wait. The CPU on the computer is running high while the page is completely unresponsive.
  • After a while the list on the left loads and it scrolls down to the selected router, highlights it and then the main/router status frame becomes responsive again.
  • Click the configuration tab
  • Sometimes wait a while again. On a phone, this tab is pretty much unresponsive and android messages appear about the web browser app (firefox/opera/chrome) becoming unresponsive and asking the user if they want to wait or kill the app.
    On a desktop it will load and you can enter the new override variable values and apply.
    But switching between tabs is slow, and it seems very slow whenever you want to switch to another router to manage - whenever the left hand tree needs to load or change it seems to be ultra slow and high-cpu.
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@Ray_Taylor – I have sent a private message, Could you please check and reply?

PM Sent with video showing high CPU on end device while page loads.


We looked at it again and it seems that issue is happening because we have around 1600 devices directly under default network. It is kind of a known limitation if we have more than 500 devices directly under a container (Network, Site and Tower).
The easiest solution would be to split them at least among four logical networks (~400 devices under each network). Since device tree loading is really a CPU intensive operation, slowness is more prominent on mobile phones with low resources.


Hi Ajay
Is there a way to bulk move routers between groups without loosing the default override configuration on each individual router?

Sorry I mean to say
Hi Ajay
Is there a way to bulk move routers between networks without loosing the default override configuration on each individual router?

Hi Ray,

Yes, devices can be moved to a new network in bulk. Click the Inventory button on the left side of the screen and navigate to the Network level in the left-hand tree. You can then select multiple devices for moving. Column filtering combined with select-all should help with this. At the top right-hand corner of the table is a Move button that will allow you to change the Network/Tower/Site of all selected devices.

The Move button is not available at the System level, so if you don’t see it available check that you’ve navigated down to the Network level.

Overrides are associated with AP Groups, not Networks, so there should be no changes to Overrides. However, location settings are updated when you move devices into towers/sites. Those have latitude/longitude settings that get updated to match the site or tower. Only PMP, ePMP, cnReach and cnVision actually push latitude/longitude settings to the device as configuration. For other produce lines they are stored only in cnMaestro for map placement.