SM 5.7 issues


I have a SM with good rssi level and jitter under 4, the linktest shows me 98 - 100 % uplink-downlink. We are monitoring the traffic with MRTG and every single day we have a 1600 kbps max out and 768 kbps out average, but for a unknown reason we lost 2 % of the packets everyday in differents and shorts linkdowns during the day (around 2-15 minuts long).

In this blackouts the SM is still registered (in the AP stats) but it seems to be frozen, and during this short times there is no any communication with the SM (neither through the AP), there is another SM registered in the same AP and works ok even during the the issued SM blackouts.

Behind the SM is a little Firewall Nortell.

What could be the cause of this packet lost?

I’ll be thanksful for any help you can give me.

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I sounds like interferrence on that sm.

Aparently, behind the SM there was many LAN problems, a few PCs where infected with some kind of worms virus, and they colapsed the SM procesor. The PC where shutdown and the problem solved.

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