sm 5700 frequencies

another dumb question for you guys, why do some of my SM’s have a freq list from 5745 to 5805 and others have 5735 to 5840?

Thanks again.

The ones that present the higher frequencies have ISM enabled. If you go to http://<ip of SM>/ism.html (if I remember correctly) you are presented with an interface that allows you to enable the ISM band and frequencies on the particular module.

other than having more frequencies, why wouldnt they show them anyways?
and is ISM a band that can be used in the US?

I think some of them have them and others don’t because of the different versions of the firmware. I remember when I first enabled the frequencies on all of our modules it was only after a firmware upgrade that I could do so. So modules that are shipping with newer firmware should already have the band enabled therefore you should see the additional frequencies straight from the factory.

Are all of your modules running the same firmware version? Yes the frequencies can be used in the US.

I have been updating the firmware, and thats where i noticed it.

If i need to update the firmware on say 100 units that are to be installed but havent yet, is there an easier way than the whole ftp / telnet method, this works fine but repeating the same telnet commands overandover gets monotonous.

Thanks again

CNUT removes this monotonous task.

Download it here: … hp?catid=4