SM alignment & AP EVAL data reporting of Interfering BH

Recently while installing a Canopy Cluster we came across an SM of a cluster which reported in alignment mode & also in AP-AVAL data

a Backhaul with 112 users…

Can some one let me know how a backhaul have these many users…? or What type device could it be…It created a problem for us & we had to shift the location, put a reflector to avoid this Backhaul being reported into SM.

It may have been showing the mac addresses count from the cluster it is on. You know back hauling back to their main tower.

Why would you want to setup so close to another provider? Why not find an area not serviced? if WISP keep moving in on each other no one will make money, the price wars will start( which is good for the consumer ) but it will take years to get your money back instead of months. The technology is changing to fast to invest $ on a long return.

I’m not complaining, nor does competition scare me. I just don’t think it is good business.

We have not setup up ISP , but a cluster for CIVIC authority & while doing so at one location SM we found a Backhaul with So many user & were wondering how a backhaul can have so many users, backhaul being point to point device.