SM Alignment Tool

There are 2 WISP’s in my area we both use canopy gear. The question I have is this, when I am out testing signal strength and go into alignment mode on my SM I can see my towers always. When I point directly at his equipment and I see NOTHING in Alignment mode, like they are “hiding” there AP’s is this possible?


if you can not see them they must be running a differant freq. than you

Regardless of what freq. they are on, I can usually always see other Canopy equipment when I click on “AP EVAL DATA”.

ENLESS they have “SM Scan Privacy Disable SM Display of AP Eval Data” Selected.

Sorry I ment a differant freq radio or at least I have never been able to see a 900mhz ap with a 2.4 sm, of course I could be wrong thus the name


Yea, if you working with 2.4, you will not see any 900, 5.2, or 5.7 gear. It only looks for the frequencies in its “frequency scan list”

He is running 900 HPOL and I pointed a 900 HPOL SM at him and clicked alignment mode and see nothing.

Sorry I can’t help you with questions regarding “alignment mode” because that is one feature I have NEVER used. :slight_smile:

In the AP Config screen there is a selection for:

SM Scan Privacy Disable SM Display of AP Eval Data

If this is selected on the AP, the SM cannot see the AP. You would need to know his Color Codes