SM/AP 7.2.9 -> 7.3.6

Greetings to all first off.

Just put up a 900MHz cluster w/integrated antennas and are preparing things for beta testing and deployment in the very near future. So far, things have been going well. Had some fun figuring some things out with PrizmEMS and the licensing, but nothing 4 hours couldn’t fix. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my experiences with not only the equipment as a whole, but also the few calls I’ve made in to technical support. Haven’t had to wait very long (as I’ve seen some people complain about long wait times) and the calls I’ve made were rather annoying to them I assume based on the fact I’ve found it in the manual after my question was answered. Speaking of manuals…500pp on the average. Very detailed, for me the newcomer to Motorola equipment.

Moving on…

I notice the radios we received have software version 7.2.9 and I see that is ‘outdated’ by 7.3.6. Is it recommended to upgrade the APs and SMs to 7.3.6 before deploying them?

The second part of that question is the procedure for upgrading the AP/SMs is to do it before installation in the location? Or can this be done as they are brought into the network remotely? I’ll be reading up on CNUT when I get to the office Monday morning, so I may have the question answered at that time. I’m a little off at 3AM these days. The reason I ask, is that hopefully upgrading 100 radios will not be a huge pain as it was with Raylink equipment. In a perfect world, I’d like them to be upgraded as a whole or in part with a click of the mouse, which CNUT may provide.

So to finish my ramblings, I just wanted to verify first of all that it IS necessary to upgrade from 7.2.9 to 7.3.6 and is this the same case for future software releases in terms of upgrading immediately or on a per case basis.

Thank you for your time,



I’m not an expert on this, but the answer to you questions are:

1) Yes, upgrade to 7.3.6
2) Upgrade them before you install them at the customer premise. What I do is take case of 25 SM, Upgrade, label them, put it in inventory, then deploy them or assign it to the installer.
>>Upgrades can be done remotely. I’ve never had a problem with this.
3) Using CNUT, you can upgrade partial, entire, or what ever.

4) 7.3.6 works better, specially on hardware scheduling. It’s a good idea to be up to date with Motorola software. It has been available for a good time ( Looks like a year ). It’s solid, very stable.
But we are all waiting for 8.0, I just want the static routing. This will save me the router installation.

you can add static routes now…

only problem is when it reboots it looses the info… so unless you have a script running in the background that will automatically wake up and add in the static routes you got to wait till V8…

pity it doesn’t have a autoexec.bat file or /etc/rc.d/