SM auto power level

We run a lot of Canopy 900 equipment. We have manually adjusted SM tx power levels and we have seem great improvments in the network. The problem is with the quantity of SM’s we have deployed it is impossiable to manually tweak the power levels as the seasons change. We are also concerned that as we enter spring season greenup we will loose registration with SM’s and will have to do a truck roll to set the tx power.

Many mesh networks have this capability so I thought it may be possiable with Canopy.

I appreciate any tips you may offer.


I have the same issue, we adjusted (lowered) 900 SM power levels in summer when showed high power, but started losing power levels and dropped sm’s in winter. I have since cranked up most SM’s to full power again. It would be nice if the sm would be able to automatically increase its power db when the levels hit threshold, then lower when power levels are very strong. Or to be able to have the AP automatically adjust a change in power output to an SM… to a settable ‘acceptable level’ when it does come online intermittently in the middle of the night. Something to add to the wish list.

So in our case, the power db levels seem worse in winter than in the summer.

I was talking to a moto engineer about this an he said ATPC is on the table