SM cannot be access LOCALLY when it is on Bridge mode

i have any AP which is working fine when it is on NAT mode but when the SM is configured to BRIDGE MODE it will register but the SM cannot be access locally. it can only be access remotely or through the AP.

I need to solve this problem urgently, since i want to do a VLAN test.

can somone help me please.

please please it is URGENT

What is the management IP of the AP and SM?

Is your computer set up on the same subnet as the SM?

Are you connected directly to the SM?

hi jerry,

the IP for the AP is 192.168.0.x and the IP of the SM is 172.18.1.y anyway since they are of different class the subnet is different.

the problem is that when it is on NAT mode it is working fine but when the SM is BRIDGE the as soon as the SM is about to registered the local interface is unplugged but the SM can be access through the remote site. This is an issue which is very strange even to this forum.

since the SM is in the BRIDGE mode it can work with any of these IPs listed below:


please this very serious since this AP is the only one with this behavior and i want to solve this issue to implement a VLAN test