SM can't connect to AP after AP frequency change (firmware 2.5.1 & 2.5.2) and other problems

After a firmware change this morning, we found out that SM won't reconnect to the AP. Some connected to a secondary AP and we saw in those SMs via "Tools-Wireless" that the AP was still listed there with old channel displaying and the following error message in "Registration state".

SM deregistered - No GPFs from AP. Check signal level and interference on channel

We waitted several minutes without change.

AP had firmware 2.5.2. The two SM we've done some test with had firmware  2.5.1 and 2.5.2.

Also add some other problems. We had a snowfall this morning and lost 2 AP. We are still investigating this but it's happen several time that ePMP radios on this tower stop pinging (4 radios and never the same that stop pinging) and need a reboot (port bounce via netonix that cut power for 5 or 10 seconds depending on config) without having this kind of problem with SAF Lumina and Ubnt AF (24HD, 5 and 5X) device on the same tower all powered by the same switch. All of those are powered via 3 Netonix (2 WS-12-250A and a WS-24-400A) switchs with passive 48V (No 48HV so 0.5A max on used ports for those device). When device stop pinging, I don't see variation on power consomption (around 3~5W). Not sure if internet still work for CPE but I think the're several post reportoing lost management so that something we should test if it's happen again but I have port bounce configured in my switch to reboot AP 15 minutes after the stop pinging.

After reboot this morning, 2 of them had Generic ETSI country set O.o (RoW device).

Restoring the config give me the following error:

Configuration restore failed.

This parameter should be empty


I should specifiy that we have a custom system for backup since we use several brand of devices. For ePMP device, we copy the  output of  the command "config show json" to a text file with .json as extension. Some to work fine since, as a test, I was able to restore config on a AP that rebooted without changing country code to "Generic ETSI) so the problem seem to be in config but I will do more test.

I also saw several time that refresing the management UI with [Ctrl]+[F5] can show the interface without config. Is it due to a network connectivity lost ? See following picture. for "quick settings" tab that report a config error. A second refresh of the page often fix it but once, I had to do a third refresh.

Must say I had a happy morning but the worst came from SM not reconnecting after channel change.

Also, a little question, wich browser work best with the ePMP UI ? We tryed IE, Firefox and Chrome (Firefox and Chrome on both Windows and LInux) and the interface is laggy with all of those. I use Chrome and most of the time, it not great but usable but on some other computers, it can be horrible to use.

Maybe it's related to my registration problem ? From 2.6 release note:

When registration to the primary AP fails the first time, the SM does not attempt to register to the primary AP in subsequent attempts. This results in the SM registering to an undesired AP (adjacent or back AP). (Resolved in 2.6)

I will test with the new firmware.

The following know issues could be related to my page refresh problem without data and country code problem.
On occasion, the GUI does not display data on the Monitor->Wireless Page. Workaround is to refresh/reload the browser.
When an ETSI license key is applied to an ePMP 5GHz ETSI locked radio, it may come up with “Generic ETSI” as country code. Perform a second reboot of the radio to load the license key.

I should had check this doc first.

I confirm that SM reconnect fine to the AP after after changing the channel with 2.6.

I must also add that the AP list under "Monitor -> Wireless" won't refresh after channel change. I change back the channel to previous one since it was a cleanner channel (had change channel only for test purpose to check if the problem was fix) and the SM connected to the second AP. I waited 25 minutes after the link state change to "SM deregistered - No GPFs from AP. Check signal level and interference on channel" without any change. I unregistred the radio from the second AP and connected back to it's prefered AP. Only after connecting back to it's prefered AP that "Monitor -> Wireless" show again the new frequency of the AP.

Not sure if it's a wanted behavior but it's don't seem convenient when your use to other wi-fi based radio like Ubnt and cie with standard site survey tool.


I am Daniel Sullivan the ePMP Software Manager.  I would like to discuss this issue with you further offline.  Can you email me at



I am having this issue on Version 3.2.2.  Was there ever a fix for this?

@K7jlr wrote:

I am having this issue on Version 3.2.2.  Was there ever a fix for this?


Issue was fixed. 

Could you please provide more information regarding your scenario with 3.2.2 FW?

Thank you.

Hi, how was this issue fixed? Having the same problem, had to go to the SM remote sites just to reboot the SMs. This happens everytime the AP changes frequency.