SM Deregister - Force 200


While SM connect with AP the registration state shows "SM Deregistered-No beacons".  What it means?

Could any one help me.



simply means that the radio deregistered itself due to not being able to decode the AP beacons.

more info: The AP sends out a beacon with information regarding the AP-SSID, timing, frequency, available subscriber slots and link encoding schemes available, order of transmit for SMs. This is similar to how wifi works, but there is some special sauce involved for the GPS part.

Once a link is established, the SM uses this information to know when it can transmit (unlike canopy contention, the epmp uses a round-robin style) if the SM does not "hear" a beacon for a particular amount of time, then it drops the link as gracefully as possible - deregisters.


For better digging into this problem please open a ticket with our support team.