When setting the SMs to DHCP we always are seeing two DHCP requests per SM.  This is emptying our SM DHCP IP pool twice as fast as it should be.  Have others noticed this behavior and is a fix expected?


Do you have DHCP enabled under Network Mode/NAT/Wireless IP assignment?

Do you have DHCP enabled under the Separate Wireless Management Interface section of the Network configuration page?

If you answered 'Yes' to both these questions, then that's why the SM would be grabbing two addresses from your DHCP pool.

Thanks for the reply.  I do have DHCP checked in the Configuration->Network->General but am not sure on the second setting you mentioned as I'm not seeing the 'Separate Wireless Management Interface' section in the SM. 


What firmware revision are you using?

Here's a picture of the SM running 2.4.3


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The only difference I see is that your screenshot shows NAT enabled and these SMs are bridged.  I'm thinking the 'Seperate Wireless Interface Management' is applicable to NAT only? Thanks.