SM Feature Key Info Defaulted

We had some wonderful electrical storms roll through over the weekend and a provider went to check on a 450b mid gain SM that wasn’t working this morning. He found that it had defaulted. He got it all set up, but wasn’t able to get traffic to pass even though the SM was connected to the AP. I was looking over the SM config and the Feature Key Information caught my eye. Every single SM on our network has Maximum Throughput as Unlimited and this SM that had defaulted shows 4 Mbps Aggregate with time updated all 0s and Location code as DFLT. Did the feature key info get blown out with default? Anyone seen this before? I plan to open a ticket and inquire as well, but wanted to start here first.

We have occasionally seen SMs revert to 4M aggregate. Support should be able to give you an unlock key to move it back to Unlimited if you open a ticket.

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Good to know it is a relatively easy fix. First time we’ve ever seen it, but makes me wonder if I could have some more floating around out there. Will have to see what kind of report we can put together to double check that.