SM goes idle

What does it mean when you are looking at the sessions page of an AP and the SM is “IDLE”?

Means it’s no workie. Could be off at the customers end, or lost LOS or interference took it off line.

We had a huge problem with customers turning off power strips at night or over the weekends. When we did the installs we stressed to the customer that it is very important to keep the link up at all times. we still had a few customers that insisted on turning them off when they went on vacation or what not but it improved greatly with our troubleshooting.

I am actually using the canopy system for monitoring of a water and sewer utility. I have only one customer to worry about, hopefully if i can ever get this sytem up and running we will have other city entities wanting to use the network for monitoring needs.

The one person who actually went to canopy training is no longer with the company i work for so it was handed over to me, so i am trying to figure this out by reading the user manuals.

I have seen interference and just a low signal cause this. I have one site that is marginal signal -74 to -78, and it drops quite a bit going idle…just too much foilage inbetween the sm and ap(running on 5.7ghz)…Not sure what band you ae using, but if 5.7 you may have to try grid antennas or dish…

Also what firmware version are you on? some of the p10 units and 8.x.x software can cause the SM to go idle on the AP session page.