sm instead of backhaul

yes we are an isp and we have ordered for a backhaul but up to now we haven’t received them and our clients were not patient,so we decided to use one sw at one of our base station linked to one ap at our h/o.
all the ap installed at the base station are connected to one switch.
what we noticed is that all the aps go down simultanously and come up at the same moment affecting all sms connected to the various ap. (the down time is about a minute).So can somebody explain why and what is the advantages and inconvenient to make such connection ? thanks.

Hi romaric,

If you use a BH instead of an SM you will get a lower throughput in your link. So, the problem you are experiencing has nothing to do with having an SM and not a BH. Are you properly sinchronizing your APs?


the answer to that question will help us to solve a lot of problem,we are counting on your speedy reply…
'how do you synchronize two APs connected to one switch ?

set one ap to generate sync set the other ap to recieve sync from the timing port tie the timing ports of both ap’s together using pins 1 and 6 done

I meant by proper synchronization the use of a Cluster Management Module with GPS antenna, and a good frequency planning, so you do not interfere with yourself.

What attitude0330 said is also correct, but I would use it if you have only one AP cluster, or more than one but far from each other.

What can or cant you synchronize with just a sync cable?

Can you only go one unit to another? or could you have 1 AP Generating the Sync signal and then daisy chain to say another 3 or 4 AP’s / BH’s ??

This would be most helpful if you could do this.

Yes, one AP generating sync and the others receiving it (in the same cluster), and maybe some remote AP configuration.

For bigger networks, it is better to get the CMM.

I do agree it is good to have a cmm and I do have one sitting in the shop waiting for the tower to be built that it is going on. but you ask how many can you run on a sync cable. I live in the mountains. I have 4 sites around town each site is backhauled to a common mountain peak so on top of that mountain I have 4 bh’s. I have one bh master on top of that mt generating sync for the whole system and have only had 1 problem in 6 months due to a dish on that mt getting ripped off the tower due to the extreme conditions. let me say this again it is a good idea to have a cmm especially in heavily populated areas where other systems are in place.