SM looses connection with AP too often

Hello Jerry,
I have a problem on my network, i have clients whose SM has been loosing connection, it comes and goes off intermittently, i had tried to reboot their SM’s and AP but still no good; i thought of interference but one of the SM’s is just 0.95 miles from my clusters and i just wonder what the problem might be but i want to put a reflector on hem just to see if that will help to reduce the rate of loosing their connections.

First thing I would check would be the cabling for the SM. If there is a bad conection with one of the power pins it will cause the SM to stop funtioning and then requires a reboot to get it back. If that isn’t the problem then try rreplacing the 300SS.

Also can you post the SM signal and link test readings so we can get a better idea of the quality of the signal.

Also post the SM’s settings.


Can you give us more information? Is the problem AP part of a cluster of APs? What’s the frequency? Hardware scheduling or software scheduling? What version i.e. 7.3.6? What’s the Downlink Data % and what number of Control slots do you have for the AP and each AP in the cluster (if there is a cluster)? What’s the RSSI, Jitter, and Downlink/Uplink % for the problem SMs? etc…

check your channels. make sure your freq’s arent messing w/ each other. thats one our biggest issues. welcome to chicago 100 and 1 wisp’s