SM Name's mixed up in AP Session Status and Remote Subscriber Pages

Anyone else run into issues with your AP’s mixing up the SM’s names? Occasionally, when we proxy via the AP to an SM by clicking on the link in Session Status or Remote subscribers, it actually takes us to a different SM. The names get mixed up in the AP.

We have seen this across multiple versions including 14.2.1

I have not heard of this happening and will try to reproduce it.

Does this cause any issues in your network, or it is it merely an annoyance?

it is mostly an annoyance, though it hinders troubleshooting at times.  you think you are watching one SM but in fact its a different SM.  one time the SM i thought was online wasnt even connected, and the SM i was watching was a completely different site.

I've seen this as well. 

Mac address shows correct but name shows a different name. 

If you click on it to go into the SM it shows the correct name. 

Ive seen this for quite some time.  I thought it was a known issue.

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thank you!  yes, we have seen it as well across many versions.  still exists in 14.2.1 but havent tested any of the 15.x yet.  have you?

Is secondary/tertiary color codes are configured in this setup ?

No sir

Is their other Cambium AP nearby?

multiple GPS synced sectors on the same towers...and other GPS sync'd towers throughout the fields.  much like most deployments, im sure.

When this occurs, do you happen to notice the MAC on the AP Session Status subscriber and the actual MAC address on the subscriber?  Do they all match the bridge table and just the SNMP site name is off?

as i recall, the mac's are correct and the names are what get mixed up.  not just the names tho, the software version is also wrong.  it seems to mix up all the "polled" information, maintaining only the correct mac address.