SM not accessible locally after it connect to an AP

Any body knows why i can’t access my SM or even i cant ping my SM IP Address after it connect to my canopy AP?
i set my IP to local but still i cant access it.


try access it from AP,
Home - remote sessions

in this page, you can see all SMs connected to the AP, so you can reach it regardless IP configuration.

Once there, you can check ip, subnest mask, gateway and if SM can be reached local only or Public network.

When you lose control of sm once it connects to an ap , it means the management vlan is set and switched from the default to the one designated in management vlan,
Only happens on ap with vlans enabled,

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It happens to me too.

Hi All,

We’ve only been testing a PMP 450 in the lab for a few days.
We have configured the pppoe vlan on our AP, the SM is connected and surfs the internet but when we want to reach the SM with the public ip assigned by our pppoe server, the latter is not reachable.

There is a solution?

Thank you.