SM problem

I have a non advantage SM which is having problems to register. It keeps scanning and scanning. When I try the Spectrum Analyser it shows all the frequencies as full i.e.-35dbm and it cant be cause i have only 1 AP and i’m doing this test indoor. All modules are 5.4
Anyone experienced similar problems?

Press the SM’s Spectrum Aalyzer “Enable” button multiple times. Each time the screen will update. If all frequencies are pegged high, the SM could be bad. Do you have a second SM to try the same test?

Is the AP also indoors for your test? If it is, try turning it off and check the SM’s Spectrum Analyzer again to look for changes. If the AP has v6 or higher software, you can switch it temporarily to SM mode on the Configuration page (make sure you Reboot as instructed) and run the Spectrum Analyzer from the AP.

What country are you in that uses 5.4 GHz? Do you know of anything else that might use the same frequency, like cordless phones? Some weather radars in the U.S. use 5.6 GHz.

Try taking the SM to another building and run the same test.

Good luck!

In my country noone uses 5.4G I tried the same thing with another SM and it works fine. That’s why I’m suspecting that some thing is wrong with that particular SM.

Check the Radio Transmit Gain Setting parameter, the normal value is 20-28, if is 1 the Sm won’t register even if you set it face to face with the AP.

What software are you running? I suspect that it may be a bad unit if you can bring up another SM in the same area with different results.

I am running latest software 7.01 on both the 5.4 SM and AP. What I also noticed is that even if all APs are off and i switch on the SM indoors, it also shows all the frequencies at full level in the spectrum analyser. with another SM no frequencies seem to be used