SM QOS Configuration - with central bandwidth control

I have a question about configuring SMs when using a central bandwidth management system like Preseem or Sandvine.

We’d essentially like to have the downlink (sustained and burst) disabled entirely, but have the uplink restrained to 5 Mbps with no burst (this we believe will put a UL limit on misbehaving SMs).

For downlink, should sustained data rate, downlink burst, and max burst all be to 0?
For uplink, do we set sustained to 5000, and downlink burst and max burst to 0?


So first off, did you mean to post this under the cnPilot area? You mention SM, which leads me to believe that you’re asking about PMP450 products?

We use both Preseem and SandVine and do exactly what you’re tying to accomplish. Set the MIR on the SM’s to be slightly above the highest tier you offer… e.g. if your highest tier is 25mpbs down and 5mbps up, set your radio MIR to 26/6. Set the burst, cir, broadcast, etc all to 0.

Oops, I think I was able to edit the category just now.

So if we have an unlimited radio, could we not just set the MIR to 0? That would be nice so we don’t need to edit all of these ever again if we increase our maximum plans.

In the past, we tried setting MIR to 0, but ran into major issues…We did not change the burst figures to 0 as well, and it appeared traffic stopped flowing after the burst was used up, until the unit became idle again.