SM - Remote Analize Spectrum

I've a remote Subriber Module (ePMP 1000 Connectorized) that has modulation problem.

I need to run a remote Spectrum Analize, for some times, and after see the result from the CPE point of view.

How I can do this? (Without going to customer's home)



AFAIK there is no a deferred way of doing a spectral analysis. It has to be live, and that's the same that saying it has to be done on site.

Not a bad idea to future firmware improvements :-)


Remote spectrum analysis is definately needed in firmware.

Those of us that use PMP-100 and PMP-450 products use that feature all of the time.

Hi All

When SM in Spectrum Analyzer mode it available only from LAN side. If you have remote access to PC in same network segment with SM, you can use ssh tunnel.

example for Linux:
ssh root@ -L 8001:
javaws ~/Downloads/ePMP-1000-Spectrum-Analyzer-Tool.jnlp
(If needed: sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx)

For Windows you can use Putty (Putty>Connection>SSH>Tunnels)

Thank you.

There are no PC's on the Lan side of the SM's.

If there is a PC, it would be the customer's PC and we would have no access to it.

As I said before, we need direct access to the Spectrum Analyzer in the SM - like the PMP-100 works

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Even if there was a PC there, putting the SM in SA mode breaks the link and there would be no way to work on the PC to put the SM back in SM mode!


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