SM Routing

I have a strange problem with all of my Canopy SMs. I run OpenVPN to remotely access our infrastructure and it works great. I can access the APs, other venders equipment, etc with no problems. If I try to login via telnet/http to a SM it fails. I can log into the AP on the same subnet with no problem. What’s going on? We use linux for our router and OpenVPN is run on the same machine. There are no firewall rules that would block only traffic to the SM.

All Local SM Management is enabled and the SMs all have their interfaces set to public. I can ping/login to these units from the router.

It’s really a head scratcher… The AP and attached SMs are on the same subnet, but I can only access the AP.

Anybody else see this happening?


you could try to telnet the AP and issue a PING command to the SM, just to see if the AP can reach it.

Telnet+> ping <sm>
ping (<sm>): 56 data bytes
<sm> is alive