SM stops to pass traffic

From time to time some of our clients complains that they has no internet connection. I can logon to their SM’s, see good RF link, ethernet connection and a small amount of incoming traffic. Outgoing traffic is close to zero. Clients can ping the SM and nothing farther.
I reboot the SM and all became good.
This situation repeats more often and often. Can somebody clear it for me?

Believe it or not I’ve actually had the same thing. I went out to a customers location - logged into their SM. Their SM was registered with 1800+ RSSI. However - I could not ping past the SM. I then disconnected from the SM and used my air card to check the server side. It was showing the SM down on my Intermapper and I couldn’t log into it or ping it.

I reboot the SM and it fixes it.

Not even two days later - I have the same problem except it’s up and I can ping it from the server side and log into it. A simple reboot fixes the problem again.

I haven’t had the problem since - but both of those being on the same SM was pretty scary~

One man said to me that could be bad power supply, or a bad grounding, or a bad hub. But I had 6 SM’s to reboot today and one of them twice… SM’s are on different AP’s.

I have no idea what the cause of mine was but it fixed itself I guess.

What do the re-reg counts look like on these SM’s? If they are re-reging alot that will cause this type of behavior.

Look at the Ethernet stats and see if there are any errors. If there are try turning off the 100M link speeds, re-crimp the power supply connector, and/or replace the cable.

We have been running into alot of issues with customer PC’s getting Norton, MaAfee, Windows, other updates and needing a reboot. Most of the time we have the customer restart the computer and radio and everything works fine until the next update.

have a look at the NAT tables what are they showing…