SM to be connected to Cisco Catalyst Switch

Helloo Canopy folks,

please help me on this case that bothers me, i have tried to use SM to Switch so i can use many static IPs, as well as Manage the bandwidth. Please comment on the setup below if it is possible or not.

is this setup possible?:
SM => CISCO 1924 Managed Switch => Broadband Router => 10/100 Switch
i am planning to buy Cisco 1924, is that setup possible? who have tried it?

i have tried doing this setup below, and this setup worked, my next step is i want to use the above stated setup in order to manage the bandwidth as well.
SM => 10/100 Switch => Broadband Router => 10/100 Switch

the next question is:

SM => Broadband Router => CISCO Managed Switch => Individual PC

Is that setup also possible?

please let me know please.

please help me here…please

Yes, both of your setups will work, you will just have to configure your router with the correct IP settings for your network. With the SM in default Layer-2 bridge mode, plugging the SM directly into a port on a switch is just like connecting two switches together. So if you had 10 public IP addresses, you could terminate your SM into a switch, plug 10 PC’s into that same switch, give them each a public IP address and all would work.

When you use one of the switch ports to connect to a router, you are adding a Layer-3 device to the picture. If it is a SOHO NAT router, you would configure it’s WAN or Internet port with a public IP address, and give the LAN interface a private address. The router will do it’s job and forward packets destined for the internet out the WAN/Internet port which will be connected to your switch. Then the switching fabric will forward the packet out the port that the SM is connected to based on MAC address. But, you have said you have done this before so you probably already know this.

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot msmith, by the way, do you have an existing setup of:

SM ===>> Cisco Switch ==>> Router == >> 10/100 Switch?

and secondly, Cisco Switch have the capability of Bandwidth Management right? am i correct? please comment.

Any other who can comment? Please help.

No, I personally do not have an existing setup using that exact equipment, but I have had experience with Cisco switches. Your proposed setup will work, it just needs to be configured properly.

I do not have experience with the bandwidth settings of individual ports on the switch. If it is like any other managed switch, you can properly throttle the speed and duplex settings between combinations of 10/100 half and full duplex. I am not sure if you can, for example, have port #16 allocated only 512 kbps of bandwidth. If you could, that would be cool.

Exactly, I need a Managed Switch which I can put on every port the allocated speed,

like for example I want a managed switch which will allow me to set different speeds on different ports:

Port #1 : 256kbps
Port #2 : 256kbps
Port #3 : 1024kbps

some sort of like that, can you recommend some? or anyone can suggest?