SM upgrade and authentication

Hi all,

I have 512kbps SMs that I need to upgrade to 2mbps. I have licenses, they seem well installed in Prizm 2.1 and lmgr (“show licensing” shows : From 512 Kbps MIR to 2000 Kbps MIR: 0 of 50)

I created a bandwidth plan, enabled “bandwidth allow license use”, and configured MIR with 1750kpbs downlink rate and 250kpbs downlink rate.

But when I try to apply this bandwidth plan to an SM, i have an error message in the console: “Critical 7/5/07 10:12 PM Failed to Apply changes. Element not responding, or invalid values.”

Does someone know where I might be wrong ?

I’m guessing that the problem is maybe linked with the fact that I do not use authentication. In the doc, they say that when an AP authenticates an SM in BAM, then BAM search for a free license, and if so, allocates it to the SM. Is this true ?

So, I tried to use authentication. I checked “authentication required” in my AP, configured the right IP address of my BAM server, and provisionned BAM with the address and the key of the SM. But after I restarted my AP, the SM wasn’t able to connect anymore. What troubles me, is that in “show licensing”, I couldn’t see any authentication license used: “APAuthenticationAccess: 0 of 10” . Where could I be wrong??

thanks for your help

go to define network, select network elements, go to edit, it thing, add element for bam, put in its MAC address, it authenticates macs, also make sure your snmp community string is right, i dont know why but ours wont authenticate unless it is

OK, I solved my problem using the next thread, called “New BAM install not listening on port 1234”