SM WIFI does not find available wifi SSIDs


I am new to epmp. I have a question on how to configure SM module in Wifi mode so it can scan for available wifi routers / SSIDs in my office. Right now, Monitor - Wireless shows Operating Frequency as Scanning... and no Available APs are found...

What configuration should I do?


Obviously you need a 2g or 5g depending on what wifi you are connecting. When you set it to WiFi mode, you have to reboot it after setting that before monitor wireless shows the wireless SSID's

I've tried rebooting the SM a few times. The Radio Mode is SM & Driver mode is Standard Wifi. I have not added any preferred APs, and I have selected All the frequencies in 5, 10, 20, 40 MHz scan lists. Rest options are all defaults..

Oh what firmware? there was an older firmware that didnt allow Wifi mode to work

The SM is on current version 3.5..

Which AP are you going to connect?

Can you see it with Spectrum Analyzer?

Thank you.